About Perfect Pour


Perfect Pour MaintenanceThere is no substitute for well-crafted beer. Brewers devote immense time and effort into producing products that are amazing in taste, appearance and character. How beer is stored and dispensed once it leaves a brewery is a critical component in maintaining the quality of beer provided to consumers.

The Perfect Pour draught beer systems are designed to maintain beer quality and reduce waste, which keeps both customers and bar owners happy. We use the best technology, combined with our specialized knowledge, to design our draught beer systems. The installations and systems designed by our team are catered to each individual bar or restaurant to meet their needs and tastes.

"Our company is concerned only with dispensing quality beer. We are not in the business of selling beer. Many other draught technicians work for distribution companies that sell beer, but do not make it. Given the potential for shrink and poor quality because of unhygienic and poorly designed lines, establishments need reliable experts to ensure that their beer system is clean and functioning to the best of its ability".

- Dirk Lang, the working-owner and founder of Perfect Pour, has been a lover of quality home-brewed and craft beers for over 20 years. He became a professional in the industry in 2009. -